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I figured I would just drop a quick question about whether there is a good holster for a Ruger LC9.  I typically conceal carry, but I would like the option to open carry, even if it is a tiny gun. 

Any suggestions?  Any personal experience?

I have a pocket holster for my LC9 I forget the brand. It's brown and made of leather =\

I bought it from Joel at Freedom Firearms in Battle Creek.

I have a Safariland Model 75 Venom holster for my Shield, but they also make it for the LC9.  It conceals really well under a jacket, and OK under a looser untucked shirt.  Has a retention strap for moments when you might want to open carry.

...mine is the GALCO pocket holster for the LC9.

My suggestion? Get a full size Glock for OC, pocket carry your LC9 as a BUG.

There are a LOT of low volume / custom leatherworkers on 1911 forum, who can make whatever you want for under $100.

The hard part is probably finding somebody there who has a LC9 dummy gun to form the holster around.


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