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Michigan Presidential Primary decision tree by host of Free Talk Live

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It makes for decent humor, if it wasn't so sad.

Phil: With Rand out and Michigan primary approaching next Tuesday, is there an even half-way liberty candidate left on the primary ballot?

I'm contemplating jumping ticket and voting Dem/Bernie, following Mark's reasoning.

In any case, LP has my vote come November.

Mark Edge: Vote Hillary if you think it is time for a woman.
Vote Cruz if you are scared of Trump and don't mind Jesus.
Vote Rubio if you are scared of Trump and Jesus.
Vote Trump if you want to disrupt the Republicans.
Vote Bernie if you want to see nothing get done.
Basically you are f*cked.

I think vote Trump if you want to see nothing get done. He's the only candidate that the entire political establishment hates.

I'd love to see Congress get serious about reigning in executive powers. Maybe the Donald can provide the incentive?

With Bernie in office, government spending and power will increase, you're only kidding yourself if you think there isn't adequate support for that in Congress right now.

A Republican Congress will kiss A Republican president's ass. It doesn't matter if the president is a RINO.

A Republican Congress will obstruct a Democrat no matter if that Democrat is more Republican than other Republicans.

Politics 101.

See GWB for an example.

part deux:
who is Ross Perot?


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