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Michigan Presidential Primary decision tree by host of Free Talk Live

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The RINOs think a Trump nomination will be the end of the GOP as they know it.

Cruz tries to warn them that resorting to unfair parlimentary tricks to keep the nomination away from Trump against the will of the voters will be the end of the GOP.

Pond Scum:
I just put this up over at MGO and I'm putting it here.  I'm generally a pretty calm guy don't get too upset or surprised by what happens with politicians but I've been pretty unhappy with all of this "establishment" trashing of Trump and then Romney came out and really pissed me off.   

Quoting myself:
I had been planning to vote for Bernie in the primary.  Now that Romney came out and trashed Trump I'm voting for the Donald.  For the last 3 years of Obama, Romney has kept his mouth shut and out of sight.  The first time he comes out of hiding he does it to assassinate the Republican front runner?  And he pushes beyond the assassination when he says he will write in someone in November instead of casting a vote for Trump.  Burning down the Republican House will guarantee a Dem victory in November.  When will the Repubs learn?  The Dems just sit back and watch the show.  Sigh.

--- Quote ---Napoleon: "Never interfere with your enemy when he's in the process of destroying himself"
--- End quote ---

If a majority of Republican voters were voting for Trump, that would be one thing but that isn't the case. Thus far, a majority of the Republican party has said they want someone other than Trump. Not just "establishment" types either.

Trump frequently receives significantly less than half the vote and his delegate count shows it. Further, many of the states that have voted so far have open primaries. I don't believe record Republican turnout and dismal Democrat turnout is entirely honest.

I despise Trump and based on the original post, Phil does too. I don't think either of us could ever be called establishment.

Vote the way you want and I won't hold that against you, but PLEASE vote based on what YOU want and not what someone else you dislike doesn't want. We know Trump is a master of media and, despite some of the media's claims, Trump has received a number of "establishment" endorsements.

A lot of Trump's backers are anti-establishment. What sense does it make sending the quintessential establishment guy out to denounce Trump? Tell me which side it is more likely to rile up.

part deux:
Arrow impossibility theorem suggest that given three choices, the least favorite wins.

Trump voters are mutually exclusive to Cruz and Rubio (combined).  Cruz and Rubio share some voters.  If rubio drops out, I'd bet the most of his voters would go to Cruz, which would end Trumps plurality.

I disagree that Trump's voters are mutually exclusive with Cruz an Rubio. Some may be, but I would venture a guess that most are not.

I do agree Rubio getting out significantly decreases Trump's odds and most of the voters would go to Cruz.


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