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Some Reloading Gear for sale

Ive got some reloading gear for sale, if someone is interested id like 50.00 for the lot, just trying to get ride of it, gots 2 molds 9 and a 4, a lee press, while it works it does need a bit of repair should not cost that much, a little bit of power left, some bullets made up, some lead not yet used, not much, vibrator bowl a hand press a smelter and a bunch of other misc items that can go with it,  Slew of 9 mm casings and some 40 and a few 45 Im only asking 50 buck its been used a few times, I just dont have time to reload with my schedule.  Come and see and if you want take it with you.  Not shipping it out questions give me a call  Randy 734-755-0870

What city are you in?



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