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MOC Partnering with Firearms Legal Protection (FLP)

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MOC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Firearms Legal Protection, LLC.

Firearms Legal Protection, LLC is a legal services company comprised of attorneys, advised by law enforcement, dedicated to protecting the rights of lawful gun owners in all 50 states.

Why we chose to partner with FLP:

- First and foremost, FLP assists its members with more than just self-defense incidents. As members of the open carry community, we understand that we may face potential legal issues that do not involve using a firearm for self-defense. FLP fills in this gap left open by many of their competitors.

- Many of the attorneys we know and recommend are partnering with FPL too. Having someone that knows what they are doing can be critical, and the area of Michigan firearm law is certainly no exception. By recommending FLP we are recommending some of the same attorneys we've recommended for years.

- More for less. Based on our comparisons, FLP appears to offer more to its member for a lower price. It's easy to appreciate value.

- FLP will not only help protect our members, they will help us fund our legal battles. MOC will receive a contribution from FLP for every new member that signs up through MOC. We will be allocating 100% of what we bring in to our Legal Fund. We will win back your rights and FLP will help you protect them.

You can sign up with FLP through MOC by following this link:

Video about FLP:

Is this the group that Shyster has teamed up with?


--- Quote from: Divegeek on May 09, 2016, 11:53:03 AM ---Is this the group that Shyster has teamed up with?

--- End quote ---

Yes.  There is a thread (or two) on the MGO forums where he has explained why he feels FLP is better than their competitors (that he also works with).  I joined FLP after a 'what to do after a self defense shooting' seminar in Detroit last year that they were both a part of.

MOC's corporate counsel, Dean Greenblatt, has also joined FLP.

I've seen a few "bulk attorney agencies" in the past. I've searched a little on them and didn't get a lot. Who else knows if this is legit and not a scam? Please understand my paranoia.

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