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OC in Walgreens Bay City


I just started OCing about a month ago here in Mi. Had my CPL permit since the beginning of shall issue here. Went up to checkout at Walgreens and the lady at the desk seen my Glock 17 in a Serpa Level 2 and asked if I had a CCW permit. I said yes, she seemed innocent enough. But told her that in Mi a permit is not required to open carry in certain places. But there it was because of liquor. Anyways, she told me one other employee had a CPL permit but they weren't allowed to carry at work. I said that was to bad. You should carry for self defense only, never to protect property or money unless your life is in danger(I gave her the short version). Was on my way after we said cordials and it was without incident.

Pond Scum:
Nice!  Going OC is a good conversation starter .... a great chance to promote 2A rights and encourage others to get their CPL's and carry too!   :D

Well done. I carry a Glock 17 as well.

Your holster choice does leave something to be desired though.


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