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Ingham County Judge under investigation


Just thought I'd leave this here.  Since she is one of MOC's favorite judges [/sarcasm]

--- Quote ---An Ingham County Judge is under investigation for possible Obstruction Of Justice.

The issue is whether or not circuit court judge, Rose Marie Aquilina, released video of man trying to stab a prosecutor in another judge’s courtroom.
--- End quote ---

Um, how is releasing video of a public act a crime?
How does it obstruct justice, by making it hard to seat a jury which hasn't seen the video?
Where is this, Maryland, Illinois, Wrigglesworthville?

When I saw this topic, I was hoping to see Baird hauled off to jail, but incredibly enough, I really haven't seen that idiot in the news since she got elected to the circuit bench based on the vast legal experience she inherited from her grandfather. Did she somehow escape being as horrible of a judge as she was a representative?

I assume she released CCT footage from a courtroom camera.  How did she get the footage and how/where did she release it?  Great reporting, WILX.

More info, and now Aquilina is suing Wrigglesworth for $50,000.

Sued him for $50k?
That should happen more often when cops act like video is a crime. (what I said goes double for taxpayer owned video being shown to the taxpaying public)

Why do Ingham voters keep re-electing useless people?
Seems like the last useful thing Wriggly did was break down doors for Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad about 35 years ago.


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