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Affordable Health Care 19% Increase for 2017

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Pond Scum:

I just got the increase notice from my insurance. I am self employed and I am the only person on my policy. I had good insurance with reasonable limits and deductibles before Obamacare. Now it totally sucks. My premium started out about the same but the benefits went down while the limits and deductibles sky rocketed. Was 20% co-pay. Now 30% co-pay. Was $2500 max out of pocket for the year, now $6600. Crestor was $200 for 3 months, went to $700 for 3 months .... I quit taking it. My first 3 months on Obamacare when I had to switch over cost me $6000 extra out of pocket than my former policy.

My premium is up 19% for 2017 compared to 2016 = $1500 extra for the year. I'm still waiting for the $2500/year savings that Obama promised. Oh and the part about keeping my primary care doctor?? Nope. They switched me and I had to fight for 3 months to keep the doctor that my dad, wife, and I had been using for 15 years.

I'm praying for Trump to get elected and send the affordable care act to the trash heap.

I have some friends who got caught up in this Obamacare nonsense, too.  They've been screwed every year since its inception, and like you, each year it gets increasingly worse.

"If we didn’t know it before, we now know that the current model of the ACA is not sustainable, even in the short-term."

Pond Scum:
The first run at repeal and replace fizzled out.  Hopefully the Repubs can get their act together and do something to help.  I never thought I would be looking forward to turning 65 so I can go on Medicare.  Sigh. 

Also hoping that revising the tax code will get passed. 

"repeal and replace"

To Hell with that, just repeal it. We don't need Obamacare, Romneycare, or even Ryancare.
What we really need is a federal government that understands it has zero Constitutional authority in the health insurance arena.

All you need to do is pass a bill repealing it, effective January 1 2018.
Everybody's set for this year, with plenty of time to plan for next year.
Can anybody give me a decent reason why this didn't happen by the end of January?


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