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More on that Dearborn police station OC incident...



First, Is there a better thread to post about this in?

I recently saw the video of this incident, I know I'm behind the times, but I'm curious about it. From what I could gather, the two "offenders" aren't breaking any laws?

If you are legally carrying your firearm openly, and a police officer draws his weapon on you, the police officer is now guilty of "assault with a deadly weapon", is he not?

Obviously the activity was meant to get a reaction, but the reaction it got really validated what they said, especially considering the other activities of the day. It really does look like a police state.

On the other hand, I've been approached by cops while open carrying in Michigan on one occasion and it was a totally chill experience. But I wasn't carrying a rifle, or wearing body armor and masks. Still, is it a crime to wear a mask in Michigan? Is it a crime to wear body armor? Unless a crime was being committed, then the reaction of the police seems like the only crime in the incident. Last I checked we don't arrest people for "pre-crime".

And refusing to follow the instructions of police officers who are violating the laws and overstepping their authority is not in itself a crime. And if they aren't overstepping their authority then does that not validate the "Police State" accusation which the offenders were trying to spotlight?

I get that MOC doesn't endorse their behavior, but I think they raised a valid concern and shouldn't be thrown under the bus for their method of protest.

They were convicted for, basically, a rookie mistake.  One was convicted of CCW, the other for CCW, resisting arrest, opposing an officer, and disturbing the peace.  The CCW charge was because they were carrying a pistol in the trunk incorrectly (not in a case designed for firearms) since neither had a valid CPL according to the judge.


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