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I'ld like to thank MOC . I'm struggling with years of conditioning about carrying. Even my CPL instructor told me "Yes Michigan has open carry , BUT, don't try it !"   He also spent some time explaining how to conceal in ways that would be very uncomfortable and make it hard to get to my gun. Also all the bad things that a policeman would do to me if I exposed my gun even by accident. He pretty much gave me the impression that I needed my CPL as license to carry a gun period. Then I went to listen to what MOC had say at bass pro. I'm still working on 40 + years of being told NOT to open carry. But I do open carry now, and I'm finding that the more I do, the more it feels wrong not to. I'm also a member and I make it a point to spend my money at places that support legal carry. I also let those places know thats why I"m there. One small store owner said he felt safer with me there. MOC your doing a good thing . I wasn't going to go to ARTS ,EATS ,and BEATS, not because of the gun ban, but because of what Witz  said. He said he didn,t have a problem with a CPL holder (honest, legal ) But, there would be crowds, and LOTS of people drinking. As a CPL holder I won't be drinking. But he's afraid that I might need to protect myself from "lots of people drinking"  So if he's worried that I might have to do that, maybe thats not a good place to be in the first place. Now I think I need to go in support of MOC     

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Welcome and thanks for a little info about  yourself.  We're glad to have you, make yourself at home!