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yes you can open carry without cpl in walmart, kroger, heres why


i called both walmart district manager and kroger as well. i asked about their firearm policy. both store policies allow customer to open carry as long as they are legal to do so under state law. i even asked them i dont have a cpl and i still can open carry legally in certain places. they told me they still wouldn't have a problem with me open carry.  both district managers basically told me if and law enforcement have any problems, that i can carry a printed form of the their firearm policy or get tell the police to contact store management for any questions.

so now i open carry to those places now.

it seems like if any store that has a liquor license allows customers to open carry in a store policy. your free to open carry without cpl because the policy gives you permission to,

State law allows you to carry with permission if you don't have a CPL. 

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