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Finally did my CPL class

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Years after putting it off I finally went and did it. Dropped everything off today so now I get to play the wait game for Wayne county to send it out.  Never really had free time to take the class  but it's scary at who is getting CPL's. Most were just getting started into shooting and to be honest 7 yards is really hitting the limit for them. And some I would of not let them pass. They need way more time on the range. Trigger finger discipline, shot placement. They can hit a huge target at 7 yards but under stress I don't think they would be able to hit anything.

If that bothers you, what about LEOSA, which says all NYPD officers can carry concealed weapons in Michigan?
We all know what they, as a group, can and can't hit at 7 yards.

Or worse yet, the Torrance PD officers who shot up that Toyota driven by the two LA Times delivery ladies...

Fortunately, Michigan's 500,000 CPL holders have a much better collective track record.

Pond Scum:
Congratulations Bignaz!    I'm haven't been by here for a while and I'm catching up on the new posts...... I'm glad you found time and and a class to get your CPL.   :D

Yeah figured it was time. Got my finger prints and all that day after MLK day. So hoping the permit comes soon.

Just got it in the mail today. submitted everything on the day after MlK day. And it's looks just as booty as the blue ones. Only white. And looks like it sat in the sun for 57 years. Good job Michigan.


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