Author Topic: i Just got my cpl, and i also have a medical marijuana card and its legal  (Read 10638 times)

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under Michigan law, having a medical marijuana card and having a conceal pistol license at the same time is not illegal and doesn't bar you from possessing any weapons either because under the Michigan medical marijuana act, possessing a card doesn't take away anybodies civil liberties or civil rights.

it is technically illegal under federal law, but the federal govt cannot prosecute anybody who are in medical marijuana states and follow the marijuana law.

theres been many instances where  a medical marijuana card holder defended his home and his legal grow operation against intruders with his firearm. the police never took away the home owners firearm are charged him with the crime. but they did arrest and charge the home invaders with a crime.

and also under state law, if you have a medical marijuana card, the state cannot pass that info to any government agency including the federal govt.

so if you have a medical marijuana card and want a cpl , you legally can go ahead and do so.

any questions?

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Re: i Just got my cpl, and i also have a medical marijuana card and its legal
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Having a license doesn't make you a prohibited person.

Having marijuana does make you a prohibited person under federal law, until such time as you can get the federal courts to admit that there is no such thing as a federal marijuana ban (they amended the Constitution to give the feds the power to ban distilled spirits, but nobody ever gave fedgov the power to enact any of the later drug bans).

You should not get charged with unlawful concealed carry under state law, but possession of marijuana and firearms might you get into the sort of trouble with BATF and US Attorneys that nobody wants to be in.
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Re: i Just got my cpl, and i also have a medical marijuana card and its legal
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Pinecone, some of your info is incorrect.  For reference, you can read this:

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I would pick one. But if you had the card and put no on 11e when you bought your pistol then you could be charged with lying on a federal form. I mean they would have to prove you are addicted but this is not an area I would get any place close to.

I would contact two attorneys and ask them this question. Do not fallow anything someone tells you on a forum or a website. Better yet contact the ATF and ask them. This is an area you do not want you play in. Drugs and guns are a very bad combo.

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