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News story on Ghost guns, how does this fit in?


I seen the news story on Ghost Guns this week and find this opens up a lot of questions for me. First if you can purchase a Ghost gun, follow the instructions and make it a working firearm you have an unregistered handgun. Is this then against the Law?

What about selling the now working kit? Would you need a permit to purchase such?

I understand that you can't prohibit a law enforcement officer from requesting you handgun but what happens if they find no serial numbers to ID it?

Sounds like a large can of worms to me...

Dapends on the state.

Michigan you have 10days after it's finished to register it. If you do not have a CPL you will need to obtain a purchase permit prior to building it. If you don't it is an unregistered and against Michigan law.  But of you don't have the CPL you have the kit and all the parts needed to make a working pistol. You can get popped for intent to manufacture.


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