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can you legally conceal carry in a bank with cpl if the bank allows it?

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i hate going to the bank to do business inside and leave my pistol in the truck because i think it will get stolen.

so i called Huntington bank that i bank with and asked about their firearm policy. they told me i could technically open carry with cpl, but their bank wouldnt  like it as much and may scare customers and security officers. the guy on the phone said he has a cpl himself and that he carries is gun in the bank and keep on on him all the time while he works. and he told me if i concealed my pistol and as long is my cpl is valid, that they wouldnt have a problem with me doing that and actually encouraged me to do it.

so is this legal to do?

Yes, it is legal to OC or CC in Huntington Bank.  MOC actually uses Huntington and we all OC without issue.  Meijer food store also has Huntington branches inside them and Meijer allows OC.  Just something to consider.  But if you want to CC it's legal if you have a CPL.  If you don't you can OC with permission.

MCL 750.234d(2)(c) and (d)

Doesnt  CPL cover cc in all banks, except Federal, unless posted??

CPL covers banks, yes.

So the same goes for Mercantile bank ?????


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