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Super Trucker:
I guess seeing most of the communication for members stop "unless you go to bookface", I feel that is a demand.
Either follow us or leave.

We get dozens, sometimes hundreds, of posts per day on our facebook group page (which you have to join and be approved).  Facebook is orders of magnitude more active than this forum ever was.  I also lament it.  I think the forum is superior, but these days people use facebook. 

Also, all the new events are posted there.  They used to be posted both places, but not anymore.  We have many events throughout the year, many each month sometimes, and they are no longer posted here.  We have several upcoming picnics in mid-Michigan and one in the UP.  Finally, we're back in the UP again!  Plus we've just scheduled a lunch near Grand Rapids.  If you are a paid member of MOC you get the newsletter so you know about those.  If you are not a paid member and don't read facebook, you probably do not.

You can't stop the signal.

Look at the two most active organizations in the US today: Florida Carry and Open Carry Texas.  Both use facebook because most people are on facebook.  Don't be surprised if this forum goes away one day.  I don't know anyone who is advocating to keep it other than me.

Super Trucker:
Many of the members that refuse to use bookface, have already left this organization. Why be a member of something you are beg for information?

Like our parents used to say, if everybody jumped off a bridge...………….


--- Quote from: gryphon on August 16, 2018, 12:28:11 AM ---You can't stop the signal.

--- End quote ---

But Facebook can stop our signal, and probably will, eventually, now that we've become dependent upon them.

Like SuperTrucker might say, @*&% Zuckerberg, and may Facebook go bankrupt and die.


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