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Know Your Right's Before you "OPEN CARRY" !


Master Control:
Welcome All;

 Over the past few months I have spoken to many citizens & new members about "OPEN CARRY", and have had many follow-up questions.
In regards to knowing you rights as a citizen I have assembled a few videos for your review. These videos Do Not have much to do with "OPEN CARRY", but for many of us I feel it's the FIRST STEP of Knowledge before you decide to consider the responsibility of "OPEN CARRY".

For some readers this may seem off topic, but for many of us it is quite the important weapon to have before carrying a sidearm.

What to do when STOPPED BY POLICE

10 Rules for Dealing with Police

10 Rules for Dealing with Police 2

10 Rules for Dealing with Police 3

10 Rules for Dealing with Police 4

Suggested way to deal with police officers

How not to get your ass kicked by the police!

Citizen's guide to Surviving the Police Encounter

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