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Michigan Open Carry is planning on replacing our current website and forum with a new website.  Our current website and forum are pretty long-in-the-tooth.  Because they’ve been around so long parts of it also contain outdated information.  Rather than try to clean things up we will be replacing it with a new, more modern website with accurate, up-to-date information.

Our intent is to also keep the new website updated with new content including news, legislation, and MOC activities and events.  We recognize that there are many MOC members who do not use Facebook, and this will allow you to keep up with MOC without having to use that platform.

We are soliciting feedback from our members and users.  Feel free to reply here with your comments and thoughts as we go forward in the design and implementation of the new MOC website.  Timing is TBD, but we are currently in the early development stage.

All constructive comments and criticism are welcome.  Thanks for your continued support of Michigan Open Carry.  We’re trying to improve your user experience and make sure you get the information you need.

Dan Griffin
MOC Newsletter Editor

Not being a facebook user, I WELCOME this change.

Could be great, as long as it is NOT the forum format that OCDO changed to. I have given up on even trying to read OR post to that site ever again.

Super Trucker:
Hopefully the new site works with VPN's, this site has turned into a burden to try to post anymore. Every other forum has zero issues, but this one has the same lame error message.

Will the new site have basic info such as who is running in an election?

I like this so much better than facebook ! Keep up the great work with the improvements !!!!!


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