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The Great C8 Roadshow

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Okay, let's see if this works.

Front of car, along with two pics of the frunk (front trunk).

A couple of pics of the engine.  Note that this model does not have all production parts as the rocker covers were just spray painted plain covers and I suspect some other beauty covers are missing.  There is a 9mm (3/8") glass partition between the engine cover and the passenger compartment.  Someone told me it is quiet in the car (no or minimal engine noise which I had a concern about).

I took this pic while sitting in the passenger seat.

A view from the driver's seat.  I couldn't figure out how to turn the instrument cluster and infotainment screen on.  It would have made a better pic.

A few of me sitting in the car.  In the first one a blonde got in with me and told me to take off with her.  LOL.  After photographing me through the window my wife came inside.  (I'm just going to stay outside with the dog.  That didn't last long).  Yes, her photographic skills suck.

The person before me had the seat raised and reclined.  I fixed that after the pic was taken.  Yes, I'm about seven months and the baby is fine.

This forum is not resizing pics.  Dammit.  Even Tapatalk does that.  :(

Z06. It gives you wings...

Ron Fellows Spring Mountain track in Nevada has just begun giving instruction to Corvette sales and techs using pre-production captured fleet cars.  Soon they will begin offering their traditional performance driving instruction to owners (once production cars are available to the public).

How badly did the hourly workers injure GM/themselves with the strike?
I'm sure delaying the Corvette launch had to hurt some.


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