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The Great C8 Roadshow

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Looks like it got deleted.
Somebody claimed a car magazine sent a C8 to him for dyno testing and it put out something like 560hp/545torque, at pretty much the same RPM, as if the power fell off a cliff shortly after 5400rpm. The numbers didn't seem to make sense to me.

GM is claiming that preliminary C8 dyno testing is 490 HP, so the other report is over 10% higher.  Probably not 100% accurate for a stock C8.

I thought advertised power was around 475-495 at the crankshaft depending on the exhaust options.
The deleted arfcom thread was talking 560 through the tires, or presumably 650+ at the crank.
Sometimes performance cars are understated, but I never heard of factory spec being that far off, not even the old L88.

Absolutely.  Cars are understated for insurance purposes. That's why the HP rating measurement was changed years ago.  Prop v. crank.

I don't see pics either.


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