Author Topic: Senate Hearing promised for "Red Flag" bill?  (Read 6354 times)

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Senate Hearing promised for "Red Flag" bill?
« on: October 26, 2019, 02:52:30 PM »

Senators Bayer and McMorrow say Majority Leader Mike Shirkey has promised the bills will get a hearing.

The Majority Leader could not be reached for comment.

Todd Mutchler is with the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. He says the association has spoken to lawmakers about some of their concerns — including police safety and liability.

“If an officer goes into a home and removes three weapons and maybe there was a fourth weapon that wasn’t known about and a crime was committed what sort of liability does that leave for the officers that were involved with that,” he says.

Mutchler says the legislation could also provide a legal framework for something that police are already doing.

“It’s a practice that has taken place,” he says. “Long before we’ve seen mass shootings. It’s not uncommon. Particularly in domestic situations where there is shared ownership or agreement.”

According to Mutchler there are some departments that may even have waiver forms to allow them to remove firearms from a home.

Mutcheler says the association has not taken a position on the bills because they are still in the process of being finalized.

A spokesperson for the Michigan State Police said they have “concerns with the bills as written."
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