Author Topic: CPL Holder And Police Chief Make Case For Being ‘Legally Armed In Detroit'  (Read 6468 times)

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Tucker’s crew interviewed concealed carry holder Alaina Gonville, whose weapon helped save her life during an armed carjacking. “They had an AK and I had my Glock and it went down,” she said. “They saw a pretty girl with pink lipstick and they just thought that they could get me and surprise, surprise …”

“Stories like hers are why so many people in Detroit have decided to take personal protection into their own hands,” said Carlson.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig strongly supports legal concealed carry in the city. “It only takes a minute or less for violence to happen and then it’s over,” he said.

The segment also featured Rick Ector, who runs a gun rights group in the city and “has helped thousands of women get their carry permits,” Carlson said.
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