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Revolver stolen 50 years ago finally recovered
« on: December 12, 2019, 09:27:33 AM »

Three handguns that were reported stolen in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit and Grosse Pointe Woods and as far back as 1969 were recovered after it was learned they were recently sold to Cabela’s in Dundee.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reported the weapons were all listed on the law enforcement network as stolen property. The oldest weapon — a .38 cal., five-shot revolver — was stolen in a home invasion that occurred in 1969 in Grosse Pointe Woods, the sheriff’s report said.

The other two weapons included a Colt .45 semi-automatic 7-shot revolver that was stolen in Detroit in 1973 and a Colt .45, six- shot revolver taken from Bloomfield Hills in 1998.

The owner of the handguns recently died and the weapons were turned over to a Canton woman who was listed in the man’s last will, authorities said. The person named in the will sold them to the store.

I don't think the word "owner" means what you think it means...
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