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Open carry for poll watchers

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--- Quote from: CitizensHaveRights on November 20, 2020, 05:00:36 PM ---There's no such thing as flu this year.

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My wife told me yesterday that she's still going to get a flu shot this year.


--- Quote from: gryphon on November 29, 2020, 01:18:31 PM ---My wife told me yesterday that she's still going to get a flu shot this year.

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My mom, a total hermit except for going to the drive through at the bank and getting curbside pickup on drugs and groceries, went inside the drug store to get a flu shot. I think for some, the flu shot decision was made the year they started getting them, and now it's something they do every year automatically, like putting the snow tires on the car and setting the clocks back an hour.

Pond Scum:
We have been getting flu shots every year about 10 years or so.  We started going on cruises in October and decided that getting the shots about 4 - 6 weeks before the cruise was a smart decision.   One thing that I learned from Disney cruises is frequent hand washing and using the sanitizing wipes.  Every time you go into a dining room on Disney they hand you a wipe.  I always carried one thru the buffet lines to grab the spoons & forks.  Disney frequently replaces the serving utensils but still there are 50 other people using them between replacements .... including all the little booger pickers. 

We never got the flu or crud on a cruise but Sue got pneumonia on our first trans Atlantic adventure.  I have to say that a Disney cruise ship was better that getting it at home.  No hospital stay.  I would push her wheel chair to the elevator, push the 1st floor button and wheel out into the med center. NO waiting ... the first day took 5 minutes to fill out the form and right to the exam room.  After that the nurse has everything set up when we arrived and she was waiting for us. Sue got IV antibiotics and nebulizer treatments twice a day. Total bill was about $1400 and insurance paid it all..... 2 nights in the hospital would have been thousands.    OH, and the room service food was Excellent!  (I didn't do the room service .... I went to the dining room with my Dad after feeding the sickie.)

BACK on topic, Sue says she is not getting the Covid vaccine.  I am leaning toward getting it ... probably 90% for sure unless I get the crud before it is my turn for the vaccine. 

EDIT: Just noticed that the OPEN Carry for poll watchers morphed into a Covid thread.


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