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Open carry for poll watchers

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--- Quote from: gryphon on October 22, 2020, 12:14:21 AM ---Pond Scum, wear/carry an audio recorder when you vote.

There is a lawsuit over this.

--- End quote ---

I'm thinking audio on a necklace, iPhone video in a shirt pocket, or maybe something more inconspicuous.

Because police would never seize your phone and delete video of themselves committing crimes...

I too will be open carrying, as I have for YEARS when voting...
Of course will have recorder going, and copies of the pertinent MCL excerpts.
I plan to call the Township Supervisor to see if there will be any problems with me voting how I have for years.....

Oh, and glad to see posts here.... not ALL of us have Facistpalm......

Pond Scum:
gryphon, good thoughts on the audio recording!  I'll do that! 

--- Quote from: CitizensHaveRights on October 22, 2020, 08:50:05 AM ---I'm thinking audio on a necklace, iPhone video in a shirt pocket, or maybe something more inconspicuous.

--- End quote ---

I don't know of any laws against audio recording but I do believe that pictures and videos in the polling location are banned.  If the police confront me outside maybe I can get Sue to video it for me.  Unfortunately Sue is dead set against me OC'ing to vote so I could be dead before the election and then I'll vote for Biden!   :yikes:  Or I might just be in trouble .... but I've been married 26 years so I'm used to being in trouble!   ;D

As to the "intimidation claims" from the MI SOS...

--- Quote from: MSP Legal Update #86 ---Brandishing firearms MCL   750.234e   provides   that   it   is   a   90-day   misdemeanor for a person to knowingly brandish a firearm in public.  Brandishing is not defined in Michigan    law    and    there    are    no    reported    Michigan  cases  that  define  the  term.    Attorney General  Opinion  No.  7101  provides  guidance  and states, “A person when carrying a handgun in  a  holster  in  plain  view  is  not  waving  or  displaying  the  firearm  in  a  threatening  manner.    Thus,    such    conduct    does    not    constitute    brandishing a firearm
--- End quote ---

The MI AG Opinion that closes down this shenanigans:

As for trespass, MCL 600.1825 covers that misdemeanor.


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