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Where can I go to shoot outside freely?

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I need a place to shoot and train outdoors,not neccessarily a shooting range,where I can shoot free without range officers.Anywhere within an afternoon's round trip drive from Warren.Does anyone know where this paradise is?I've been suffering from a lack of such a place since I moved back from Indiana,where the public ranges were unattended and set up with benches and backstops and I had to sell my 11 acres in the Irish hills where all I had to do is step out my back door and start shooting.I would appreciate any info on this topic of freedom.Thanks and God Bless! Jeff.

When you find one, lemme know, I'd like to join you.

i think u can shoot just about any public hunting land,as long as its at a clearly identifiable artificially constructed target,and there is no attempt to take game,thats what i heard from a few DNR range officers near bath.

its what ive been doing since they told me,but i keep a valid small game permit anyways,so that even if they do say there is an attempt to take game,it simply transfers over from target shooting to small game hunting,which is year round for some species.

A decent backstop so I can shoot my AK is preferrable.I've lazer sighted my AK but need to put it on paper at 100 yards and possibly 200 yards.

Dont know if this is what you would be looking for. Then again, they are shooting ranges that you pay a yearly membership for, but they are not "staffed" with range officers.

Saginaw Field and Stream Club (Saginaw)
Linwood Bay & Sportsmans Club
Midland County Sportsmans Club (Midland)

The main thing that it really comes down to, is that you are safe and that the firearm is pointed in a safe direction (usually down at the ground or down range).


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