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Where can I go to shoot outside freely?

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 This place does exist, ive been there. It is in Lapeer they call it the "Pit". Its on state land that is posted for public hunting by the DNR. There is a parking lot, garbage cans and they have concrete barriers to mark the firing line and to set your stuff on. They have a big dirt mound about 80-100 yards out for rifle and a shorter one for handgun. There aren't any benchs so you would have to bring something to rest on if you needed that. There are no range officers and no rules about rapid fire. Everybody is just respectful of each other. They call a seize fire every so often to change targets. The only rule is clean up after yourself. I went one time right after Holloween there were plenty of pumpkins to shoot, empty propane tanks, fire extinguishers or bring your own targets. There were actually guys that hollowed a hole in the front of some pumpkins then put a 20 oz. bottle filled with an explosive liquid in the hole and were shooting them with a belt fed 30 with a crank handle. It was pretty bad ass when they actually hit one! There was plenty of full auto also. Its located 1/4 mile north of Lapeer Dragway-2691 Roods Lake Rd, Lapeer. The way I take from Warren is Van Dyke to M53 north to I69 west get off on M24 Lapeer Rd take it north thru Lapeer to Daley Rd east (which is a right) take that to Roods Lake Rd north (which is a left) you will pass the drag strip on your left keep going there will be a big clearing on you right. It takes a little while to get there but is sooo worth it. I almost dont want to shoot anywere else. I bought a new AK this past winter that I haven't shot yet so if you guys wanna plan a day to go im in. Ill even drive. It gets busy fast so you kinda have to get there early to get a spot. I think guys start shooting at 9 or 10 am.

Ive heard of this, though it sounded too good to be true.
Is there a window sticker requirement?

Is there an adress so I can mapquest it?

Thats exactly what I was looking for.If you'll drive RandyK,I'll go any time.The wife may not want me to drive our only vehicle until my state refund shows up shortly and I get the front end alignment.To her it's a distance thing.To me I would drive if there was only one tire,but she isn't a frustrated gun nut like me.It's only a matter of time with her after I finally get her out to shoot and have a literal blast! Like I said, Any Time! Thanks! Jeff.


--- Quote from: stainless1911 on April 07, 2010, 01:48:20 AM ---Ive heard of this, though it sounded too good to be true.
Is there a window sticker requirement?

Is there an adress so I can mapquest it?

--- End quote ---

The marker on this map is Lapeer Dragway, the Pit is about a 1/4 mile North on Roods Road on the East side of the road--can't miss it.


If there is a pit trip planned I want in! I have some ammo burning a hole in my barrel!


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