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Does anyone have a list of bills that we should be calling on our legislature for to tell them we support.

Michigan Gun Owners has a nice section on their forum here

They do a pretty good job of updating as well.

Go here :

Then enter for instance "firearms", in the box on the upper right.

Bookmark this site, and when you want to look up a law, just go to the box on the lower left, and enter the MCL number, for instance, "750.234d"

Try it and see.

Michigan Open Carry is looking forward to Mr. Brian Jeffs taking the reigns as our state researcher. Part of what he will be doing is sending emails out to our members when there is suggested actions for us to take, such as writing our legislators. Brian will be getting involved upon his return from Washington, DC.

Congrats and our thanks to you Brian...I can't think of a better person for the job.


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