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Title: OC while talk to the maintenance manager
Post by: Michhunter on September 13, 2011, 01:43:22 PM
 So had the maintenance manager from my park come to house for a leak they have been trying to fix on my roof today. I seen him coming up to my door so I went outside to talk to him after a little bit of a heated discussion about it yesterday.

Me: What's Keith
Him: Did it rain here last night
Me: Nope
Him: Ok well when it dose let me know if your roof leaks.
Me: Ok can you come in here here for a min
Him: Sure
(Wanted to show him something to do with the roof)

As we walked back outside

Him: You have your gun and laughs a little.
Me: Yea it is not illegal.
Him: I know.
After a little talk about OC. and the rules of the park I live he was not sure about them. He went back to.