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WTT Sig P229 With extras
« on: January 19, 2013, 03:53:03 AM »
So im looking to trade a Sig P229 with a bunch of extras for a AR-15

Sig P229 is the newer version non railed with the new long extractor. This is a former Secret  Service pistol. Chambered in .357 Sig Handles very well dead on just like you would expect from any Sig.  Cleaned after every use rails have always been greased over all condition is excellent.

-Sig P229 DA/SA .357 Sig Nitron Slide "Stainless Steel Slide German proofed frame"
-Sig Light Night Sights fresh this year
-SRT Trigger
-Stock grips with Hogue wraparounds installed
-3 Sig 12 round .40 S&W/.357 Sig mags "One is a LEO/Military Marked"
-2 Don Hume mag holders
-Galco Combat Master holster
-300 rounds of 124gr ammo. Most Spear some is Winchester nickle case and some Winchester brass and a few FC's
-About 48 rounds of Ranger T
-Everything that came with it when it was bought down to the band that was around the grip.
-Pelican 1170 Case
-If you like i also have a bunch of .357 Sig bass for if you do reloading. All rounds were new and only fired one time.

Not looking to sell only trade. But if i gotta put a price on it i'll say $1200

Pistol has never had a malfunction but i would expect nothing less from a Sig. Pistol hits hard, is very accurate and shoots nicer then most 9mm's. It does not have the snap that most .357 Sigs have however i will say when you use some nice ammo i will say everyone will know you are shooting a .357 Sig the round is pretty loud.

Great pistol just now using a P229 Equinox now and when i bought it i bought fresh everything.

Pretty much open to any AR.  Will even take some that have some issues just be honest about any issues with them.  As always you are welcome to take the P229 for a test drive you just buy the ammo up at Top Gun and you can get some trigger time on her.

Picture link. Please note the serial number was blocked out with red.
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Re: WTT Sig P229 With extras
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 11:04:55 AM »
PM sent but AR's are pricey right now.
Common sense, isn't.
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Re: WTT Sig P229 With extras
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