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Plain clothes encounter?
« on: April 02, 2010, 09:24:08 PM »
My first some what negative encounter in over a year.
I left out of walmart, got in my truck and pulled out the drive to turn right on main st. A guy in a car pulls up next to me in the left turn lane. He is in plain clothes and holding up a gold badge.
He then asks: "You got a ccw to carry that gun boy". His tone was challenging and aggressive.
Normally I am polite as I have said more than once, EXCEPT, when the occasion calls for a different response and this one did.
My instant reply..."It's none of your F'n business what I have and pulled out and left. He turned right out of the left turn lane and followed me (talking on the radio) about a mile through town. When I turned he kept going straight but watching me. I kept an eye in my mirror all the way home expecting the blue light special but none showed up.
I wonder if he will ever approach me again if he sees me? Made me feel really good today for some reason.

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