Author Topic: HK45 Tactical Full Size Open Carry Rig  (Read 3301 times)

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HK45 Tactical Full Size Open Carry Rig
« on: May 23, 2014, 10:40:58 AM »
I hate that my first post on this forum is here in the classifieds but I'm pretty active on the Facebook page so be merciful lol!

My long highway commute is forcing me to get into a more fuel efficient car so I need the money.

Here we go:

HK45 Tactical full size - UNFIRED SINCE PURCHASE!!!
Threaded Barrel
SA/DA w/ decocker (This pistol can be carried cocked and locked like a 1911)
Comes with everything it came with from HK including the HK sticker, backstraps, replacement barrel o-rings, safety key, manual, etc.
Bright tritium night sights
HK thread protector
New InSight TLR-1s (strobe) with fresh batteries
Total of FIVE magazines
Two G&G black basketweave pattern mag carriers
Safariland 6280 basketweave pattern holster for carry WITH the light attached

Included Ammo:

50 rounds Magtech 230gr FMJ
50 rounds Federal LE 230gr HST Tactical
25 rounds Remington Golden Saber 230gr HPJ

Duty belt NOT included.

$1500 OBO.