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Open carry for poll watchers

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Probably a narrative of your experience.  I don't know if the form has been uploaded to the MOC server or not.


--- Quote from: Pond Scum on November 02, 2020, 11:01:39 PM ---Had to sign in at breakfast this morning.... not my idea of a reasonable request.  Sigh.

--- End quote ---
I don't think anyone here knows, but I had COVID-19 last month.  My wife caught it at a garage sale in late September and gave it to me. Yes, she wore a mask as did almost all of the other people she encountered.  She came down with symptoms on Sep 28 (2-3 days after being exposed), and I had symptoms beginning Sep 29.  The MI Dept. of Health will try to track your movements and interactions once they get the report that you are COVID-positive, but they will not work very hard at it.  They'll call you and leave a message.  If you don't call back, you'll never hear another thing from them.  This signing in helps.  They do their job, but they are lazy and will not try too hard to really do a good job, hence these new rules for restaurants, barber shops, etc.  I didn't see any sign-in requirement for BLM, police, or Trump protests, though.  Weird.  Whitmer must have overlooked that.

Believe me, you do NOT want to get COVID!!!  It sucks.  It sucks big time.

At least it can.

Pond Scum:
Sorry to hear you had a rough time with it gryphon.  We don't have too many cases out here in Whitehall but Muskegon is a hot spot.  The health care folks I know are all worried about the coming flu/virus season. 

There's no such thing as flu this year.
I'm absolutely not bothering with the flu shot.

Pick one:
All the flu cases are being tabulated as COVID cases.
The COVID prevention measures have prevented the spread of flu better than they prevent the spread of COVID.

You need an a) and b) choice.  Fail.


Btw, I choose B.


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